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Orgonite Pyramid

SKU: 808898_7IEMFI6


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Color: 04

Orgonite Pyramid

The Orgonite Pyramid - an exquisite and distinctive energy enhancer.

Handcrafted from resin and copper powder, this stunning pyramid serves as an exceptional addition to any home or office space.

The Orgonite Pyramid is revered for its ability to harness and cleanse universal energy, channeling it outwards. It's believed to attract positive energies, uplift mood, and potentially enhance overall well-being and abundance.

Beyond its energetic properties, this pyramid stands as an ideal gift for someone special, radiating both aesthetic beauty and positive energy.

Specifications: Material: Crystal Epoxy Packaging: Bubble Bag Dimensions: Length 50mm/1.97in; Width 50mm/1.97in; Height 50mm/1.97in

Unveil the harmonizing energy of the universe with the Orgonite Pyramid, an enchanting piece that elevates ambiance and offers a touch of positivity to any environment.

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Orgonite Pyramid
Orgonite Pyramid 04
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